The project has no exact date of the basis since the first compositions were written even before emergence of a pseudonym.

I realized the first demos in ambient-key Aarsland 10 years ago. Already it isn't possible to find them practically. Only in November, 2012 Aarsland on a wave of nostalgia decides to make a full-scale album in which old practices and new material are integrated. Therefore conditionally after all the beginning of the project can be dated since 2012.

The album under the name "Das Sakrale" ("Sacral") is released by own efforts on January 17, 2014. It should be noted especially the magic track of "Neumond" written on three phases of the moon. In "Das Sakrale" in general there are no guitars, but it is possible to hear a sound, similar to them. Actually it is two synthesizers connected through guitar amplifier. Aarsland music in general can be characterized as the mix Dark Ambient, Dungeon Synth and Drone.

Further Aarsland becomes the full project which music absolutely differs from the main group of the musician of "Devilgroth". The new destructive album under the name "Grabstein", incorporated fundamental power and the ritual atmosphere of the previous collection Das Sakrale. The album completely justifies the name, it is really heavy as a gravestone. On Grabstein also the tools extends, but devotion to keyboard tools at the author remains. Perhaps, use of "iron" synthesizers forms a distinctive sound of Aarsland group. The musician draws the awful sound landscapes, sometimes almost similar to songs, but they immerse in sepulchral cold and these musical cloths a cordial welcome were given by listeners.


LP (2015)